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Property Leasing

Agriculture, business and residential leasing on restricted, trust or Cherokee Nation-owned property is handled by Cherokee Nation Real Estate Services. All restricted and trust leases are subject to approval by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior.

  • Majority of agriculture leases are on a 5-year bidding cycle. Interested Lessees should contact Cherokee Nation Real Estate Services to be placed on the list for notification of an upcoming bid event.
  • Business leases include commercial, industrial, hunting, or any other profitable business venture sitting on Indian land.
  • Residential leases

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a lease to authorize possession of Indian land?

If you are a person or legal entity who is not an owner of the Indian land, then you must obtain a lease. If you are an Indian landowner of a fractional interest in the land, then you must obtain a lease. It is not necessary to obtain a lease if you are an Indian landowner who owns 100 percent of the trust or restricted interest in a tract.