Over 31,000 elders applied for Respond, Recover and Rebuild Elder Assistance. A $400 check will be mailed to elders directly, starting this week. For those elders in the reservation, a $1,200 payment will be made soon directly to utility companies. Questions: elders@cherokee.org

All Services

As a government, the Cherokee Nation provides a number of important services to its citizens and to other Native Americans. Cherokee Nation is committed to improving the quality of life for the next seven generations of Cherokee Nation citizens. Cherokee Nation program requirements vary and some services will require proof of income and/or residence. The range of direct services includes, vehicle registration, health care, educational assistance, housing programs, social services, child care, food subsidies, property services and career assistance. Cherokee Nation also provides a number of indirect services that benefit entire communities or regions in northeast Oklahoma, such as road construction, water and sanitation, law enforcement and emergency assistance. Tribal services are funded by a combination of tribal and federal sources. Some services are subject to federal restrictions and funding availability.

Career Services

Career Services encourages individuals to develop habits and skills that promote employability and self-sufficiency through education and training.

Commerce Services

Commerce Services is dedicated to helping build the economic security of Cherokee Nation citizens and communities.

Community Services

Community Services improves the quality of life by assisting with roads and bridges, transit, water, sanitation, environmental, and cultural outreach.

Child Care and Development

Child Care Facilities and information for Licensing, Subsidy, and Childcare Resource & Referral.

Child Support

Child Support Services promotes the well-being of children and families by working towards the goal of both parents contributing to their children.

Community & Cultural Outreach

Community and Cultural Outreach is designed to help community organizations function and grow by collaborating with Cherokee communities.

Education Services

Education services provide educational, history, cultural, language, scholarships and youth leadership opportunities for those who meet eligibility guidelines.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management team prepares for and responds to disasters and emergencies that occur within the Cherokee Nation.

Health Services

Cherokee Nation Health Services is the largest tribally-operated health system in the country with more than 1.3 million patient visits per year.

Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation provides housing services including construction, rental assistance, rehabilitation and other related programs.

Human Services

Human Services provides assistance with child care, child support, youth, family, and elder support programs.

Indian Child Welfare

Indian Child Welfare provides a variety of protective, support and child-focused services to Cherokee children and their families.

Marshal Service

The Cherokee Nation Marshal Service is a certified law enforcement agency with jurisdiction throughout the Cherokee Nation.

One Fire

The Charles L. Head ONE FIRE Against Violence Victim Services Office provides a variety of services for victims of major crimes or abuse.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services is responsible for administering the laws, regulations, and policies affecting restricted and trust land within the Cherokee Nation.

Tag Office

The Cherokee Nation Tax Commission offers tribal tags to citizens who reside in the state of Oklahoma.

Tribal Registration

Tribal Registration office processes CDIB, Dawes, and tribal citizenship applications and issues photo ID cards.