Cherokee Nation W.W. Keeler Tribal Complex, health centers, and satellite offices will be closed Monday, May 29, 2023. Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital urgent care, emergency department, and other emergency services will remain open.

Dept. Transportation & Infrastructure

Department of Transportation & Infrastructure offers programs to improve the quality of life for Indian families and communities by assisting with needs like sanitation, transit and transportation, water and environmental while maintaining cultural sensitivity and encouraging citizens to be productive and self-sufficient.

Service offered include, Adult Resident Services, Community Youth Development, Department of Transportation, Engineering and Sanitation Facilities Construction,  Environmental Health, Transit, and Tsa-la-gi Apartments.

Public Notices

  • Tribal Transportation Improvement Program
    The Cherokee Nation Department of Transportation is revising its Tribal Transportation Improvement Program for submission to the Federal Highway Administration.
  • G-H Lines
    G & H Lines Transit Schedule Changes
  • FY-22 TIP
    Transportation Improvement Plan required for federal funding