Secretary of Natural Resources Office

Natural Resources are the bedrock for the overall health of our tribal citizens, our local wildlife and our native plant species. The relationship between tribes and their natural resources is dynamic, intertwining a broad spectrum of regulatory compliance with deeply rooted connections among native lands, tribal culture, and sacred places. The Office of the Secretary of Natural Resources is responsible for promoting environmental quality and sustainable land practices for future generations of Cherokee citizens.

The Cherokee Nation Constitution reserves a cabinet-level position to oversee the Executive Office of Natural Resources, currently held by Chad Harsha. Prior to his appointment to this post  in 2019, Secretary Harsha had a long-established, highly reputable legal career well rooted in tribal government and natural resources issues. He has represented the Cherokee Nation since 2015, serving the tribe as Assistant Attorney General and General Counsel to the previous Secretary of Natural Resources. His legal representation for Cherokee Nation includes natural resources protection, land use practices, environmental protection, general litigation, and matters of public administration.

Secretary Harsha makes natural resources a fundamental priority, administering the tribe’s environmental programs, conservation and sustainability initiatives, and advising the Chief and Tribal Council on related public policy matters.

Public Notices