Human Services

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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The LIHEAP program is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and administered by the Cherokee Nation Human Services Department through its Family Assistance Program.

The LIHEAP Program is an Energy Assistance Program designed to assist low-income Native American households with home heating, cooling, and crisis intervention assistance. LIHEAP services include Residential Heating Assistance. This program provides assistance to eligible households for their primary source of heating, including wood, wood pellets, natural gas, propane, electric (total electric homes), kerosene, and coal. Benefits are calculated according to the amount of income, energy source, and family size to assure the highest level of payment will be provided to households with the lowest income and highest energy source, taking into consideration family size. The benefit payment will be paid directly to the energy supplier/vendor. Applicants 60 years of age & older or disabled will be given priority service. All other eligible households will be assisted as funds permit.

Summer Cooling

When funds are available, the elderly and disabled households are assisted with electric expenses associated with Summer Cooling.  

Crisis Intervention

Under the LIHEAP program, a Crisis Intervention Program for assistance can be given to families who have experienced hardship and are in jeopardy of getting their utilities turned off or have already had a cut-off. This is a one-time assistance payment, paid directly to the vendor. This program usually starts in from January and runs till the middle of February. The payment standard is based on need and cannot exceed $250.00.