Gaming Commission

200 North Water Ave. Tahlequah, OK 74464

The Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission is responsible for implementing the provisions of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and of the Cherokee Nation gaming ordinance, as codified in Title 4 of the Cherokee Nation Code Annotated.  The primary responsibility of the Gaming Commission is to oversee and regulate gaming within the jurisdiction of the Cherokee Nation and to ensure gaming activities are conducted fairly and honestly.  Additionally, the Gaming Commission is to ensure that gaming operations are shielded from organized crime and other corrupting influences.

The Gaming Commission performs a variety of functions in carrying out its responsibilities, such as conducting extensive background investigations on gaming facility employees and vendors, examining and approval all electronic, card, and table games, environmental, public health and safety audits, and ensuring internal and external audits are performed on a gaming facility’s compliance with applicable standards and regulations as well as for financial accountability.

Regular reports on the Gaming Commission’s efforts to ensure compliance and financial accountability are provided to the National Indian Gaming Commission, the State Compliance Agency as part of the Tribal-State Compact, and to Cherokee Nation Administration and Tribal Council.  The Gaming Commission strives to ensure the Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee people are the beneficiaries of the revenues generated at each Cherokee gaming facility.


Public Notices

Public Notices