Learn the stories of the people behind the names that are central to the history of the Cherokee Nation; from Sequoyah to Redbird Smith, they're all here.


Those who led the Cherokee Nation in times of prosperity and pain; in times of peace and war.


A fascinating glimpse of Cherokee life through a recounting of events taken from our history.


From the beginnings of Cherokee history to the historical details concerning the removal of the Cherokee from their original homelands, treaties, our participation in the Civil War and the "Golden Age" of the Cherokee Nation, you'll find answers to many of your questions in this section.


Geographical areas touched by the Cherokee Nation stretch from North Carolina and Georgia to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and other states. You'll find informaton here on places such as the early Cherokee settlements, the historic Female Seminary and Cherokee Nation Courthouse, both in Tahlequah. Read about a modern-day "Cherokee Removal" which took place at what is now Oklahoma's Camp Gruber in the 1940's.

Trail of Tears

First-hand accounts from those who were eyewitnesses to one of the darkest chapters in American history.