Tribal Citizenship

Will Rogers Dawes Card

Basic information

About Citizenship

Today the Cherokee Nations is more than 355,000 citizens strong, young and old. To be eligible for Cherokee Nation citizenship, individuals must provide documents connecting them to an enrolled direct ancestor who is listed on the Dawes Roll. CDIB/Tribal Citizenship is traced through natural parents. In cases of adoption, CDIB/Citizenship must be proven through a biological parent to an ancestor registered on the Dawes Roll.

Downloadable Forms

Are you looking for forms related to your Cherokee Nation citizenship? Do you need to update your address and other contact information? You'll find an assortment of forms related to your Cherokee Nation citizenship here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of our frequently asked question in order to hopefully help others who have similar question related to Cherokee Nation citizenship. If you find that you still have questions, please feel free to contact the Cherokee Nation Tribal Registration department.

Genealogy Information

The Cherokee Nation doesn't do genealogy researching. Information and links below are not maintained by the Cherokee Nation. Other locations for information on genealogical research may be found on the internet. Remember that there is a great satisfaction in doing the research yourself, and remember the burden of proof lies with the applicant.

Updating Your Information

If you have misplaced or damaged your Cherokee Nation tribal citizenship card or would merely like to update your address, just fill out a form and mail it in.