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How to ensure that you will obtain your Cherokee Nation Hunting & Fishing License: 

You can do this by downloading & completing, "The Hunting & Fishing Update Form", that can be found at the link below, and returning the completed form by mail or fax.

 For the safety of your personal information, DO NOT EMAIL this form!







  "Response is voluntary, but failure to update citizenship information may delay issuance of license."



General Contact:  


TELEPHONE -  (918) 453-5333  

TOLL FREE (844)-259-HUNT / (844)-259-4868

FAX - (918)-458-6197



Why did the Cherokee Nation and the State of Oklahoma enter into a wildlife compact?

The compact is an agreement between the Cherokee Nation and the State of Oklahoma, as sovereign governments, to provide the proper management and conservation of a shared wildlife resource. The new compact creates a joint system that allows Cherokees to hunt and fish in all 77 counties of the state with just one license. 

When does the compact go into effect?

The effective date of the compact is January 1, 2016. The Compact is anticipated to last through December 31, 2018 and may be renewed for additional years. 

Where can I use my compact license?

A compact license can be used throughout the State of Oklahoma and the Cherokee Nation. You will need to get permission before hunting and fishing on private property, and need to be aware and follow all hunting and fishing rules and laws. 

How long is my compact license valid?

Each compact license will be valid for the calendar year in which it is issued. You will receive a new license at the beginning of each year.

How much will this cost the Cherokee Nation?

The Cherokee Nation will pay the State of Oklahoma two dollars for every license issued, which makes the minimum yearly payment under the compact $300,000. These dollars go directly to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and will be used to conserve and protect wildlife habitat throughout the state. This will also enable the state to access additional federal funds for protecting habitats. There are also other costs that go along with starting and running this program that the Nation will have to pay, including salaries for additional tribal employees,printing costs, postage, etc. No budget has been approved by the Tribal Council at this time. 

Do I have to be an Oklahoma resident to get a compact license?

Yes. A Cherokee Nation citizen who is a resident of the State of Oklahoma and 16 years old or older may receive a compact license if he or she is otherwise eligible to hold a license.

Does the compact limit tribal hunting to only one deer and one turkey a year?

No. Compact license holders may purchase additional licenses, products, and tags, such as additional deer or turkey tags. The compact permits each compact license holder one free deer and one free turkey tag every year.

Do I have to be aware of federal, state and tribal game laws?

Yes. All fish and game taken with a license issued under the Compact must be in compliance with the law to ensure the appropriate management of wildlife.

Will I be able to hunt in all Oklahoma counties?

Yes. Licenses and tags issued under the compact will be valid throughout the entire State of Oklahoma. A compact license holder will be treated the same as all other license holders in the state.

Will a minor under 16 receive a compact license?

No. Minors under 16 are exempt from licensing provisions. A minor under 16 who wishes to receive a free deer and turkey tag will have an opportunity to do so. 

Will a license or tag be provided to individuals 65 or over?
Yes. All citizens ages 16 and over will receive a compact license.
Will I be able to hunt and fish on tribal land?

Yes. Cherokee citizens will continue to have hunting and fishing privileges on tribal lands where this is permitted. To ensure protection of our wildlife resources, you will need to follow tribal laws in accordance with the compact and the Cherokee Nation code.

Are the deer/turkey tags transferrable to other persons?

No. All license and tags provided under the Compact will be issued in the name of the individual citizen and may not be sold or transferred.

Do I have to observe season dates and bag limits on tribal land?

Yes. The Cherokee Nation Code has adopted laws for hunting and fishing on tribal trust, restricted, and fee lands. The Cherokee Nation will continue to enforce these hunting and fishing restrictions to protect the wildlife.

If I don't hunt or fish, why would I need or want a compact hunting and fishing license?

The compact license is not only valid for hunting and fishing: it also gives the license holder permission to use popular hiking trails located on lands owned by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, such as the hiking trails located at the Sparrow Hawk Wildlife Management Area near Tahlequah. Additionally, every license issued makes more federal dollars available in Oklahoma to help manage wildlife populations and conserve wildlife habitats. Even if you don’t use your license at all, wildlife will benefit because you have it.