Plants and animals have always held places of importance to the Cherokee people. Many plants were and continue to be important to the traditional Cherokee way of life. Animals are also an integral and highly symbolic part of our existence.

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Bald Eagle 1065 KB
Black Walnut 1609 KB
Blackberry 1518 KB
Bloodroot 1612 KB
Blue Heron 1963 KB
Buckbrush 1879 KB
Cardinal 1646 KB
Cottonmouth 2110 KB
Cottontail 2095 KB
Dogwood 1179 KB
Eastern Red Cedar 2001 KB
Gray Squirrel 1610 KB
Great Egret 2617 KB
Huckleberry 1817 KB
Osage Orange 1495 KB
Persimmon 2291 KB
Planting Guide (PDF 385kb) 372 KB
Rattlesnake Master 2286 KB
Red Oak 2027 KB
Red-tailed Hawk 1845 KB
River Cane 2642 KB
Shagbark 1863 KB
Snowy Egret 1737 KB
Watercress 2344 KB
White-tailed Deer 2748 KB