Natural Resources

About Natural Resources

Natural Resources works to manage the land base and natural resources in a manner that respects Tribal, community, environmental, and cultural/traditional values, while providing the need for assistance to assure the survival and growth of those natural resources.

Cherokee Nation Bison Herd

In October of 2014, Cherokee Nation received 38 bison from the Badlands National Park of South Dakota and 12 more from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Another 40 bison were received from the Badlands October 2015.


Plants and animals have always held places of importance to the Cherokee people.

Jay Community Garden

The Jay Community Garden was created in 2014 and is located at 1501 N. Industrial Park Road, next to Cherokee Nation’s Jay Food Distribution Center

National Cherokee Nation Park

National Cherokee Nation Park, located in Sequoyah County just off I-40, is an 800-acre tribal property that is open to the public for picnicking, primitive camping, fishing, hunting and trail riding.

Saline National Park

The Saline community during its peak consisted of a general store, blacksmith shop, gristmill, hotel and several homes. After passage of the Curtis Act by the US Congress in 1898, the Saline District Courthouse closed its doors and ceased its judicial functions.

Wildlife Code

Hunting and fishing activities are time honored traditions in our Cherokee communities. As per treaties with the United States dated 1835, 1838, 1866, et al, the Cherokee Nation maintains its hunting/fishing rights within its Treaty Territory. On January 18, 2006, the Cherokee Nation enacted the “Cherokee Nation Hunting and Fishing Code” to assist with the management of hunting and fishing activities within this treaty territory.