Immersion School

Immersion Study

tsalagi tsunadeloquasdi began in 2001 as a language preservation program. Twenty-six students and four staff members paved the way to revitalizing the language with our young people. Our mission is to promote the revitalization/usage of the Cherokee language while educating children in a safe and cultural environment.

In 2002 the Cherokee Nation conducted a survey to quantify the language fluency rate of persons living within the CN jurisdictional service area. The survey found that no one under 40 years of age was conversational in the language, that 52 out of 300 surveyed spoke the language in their homes, and most children of fluent speakers did not speak it at all. On July 13th, 1991, the Cherokee Nation Language and Cultural Preservation Act #10-91 was signed, which will provides for promotion and preservation of Cherokee language, history and culture. This Act act is in recognition that the survival of a people is dependent upon their capacity to preserve and protect their culture and language.

In the 2013-2014 school year, Tsa la gi tsu na de lo qua s di served more than 90 children in pre-school (3-year-olds) through sixth grade. Lessons are taught from a Cherokee cultural perspective while addresses addressing the Oklahoma PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) objectives. 

For more information contact the Immersion supervisor at 918-207-7597. Parents must apply in person.


Eligibility Requirements

Membership in a Federally recognized tribe


Additional Requirements

Applicants must complete an interview and application packet. Due to limited class sizes, some applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

Applications must be complete and copies of the following documents attached: membership card from a federally recognized tribe; income verification; immunization record; Social Security card and birth certificate. If a child has been identified as having special needs, other information may be requested.

General Contact