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2019-2020 Cherokee Nation Scholarship Application
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Monica Flynn      A-D  

Savannah Smith E-K

Laney Ford          L-R  

Blaise Glory        S-Z

Brenda Butler Concurrent Enrollment:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a paper application to fill out for the Cherokee Nation Valedictorian/Salutatorian Scholarship, Cherokee Nation Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship, Cherokee Nation Undergraduate Scholarship, or the Cherokee Nation Graduate Scholarship?

A:  No.  Students have to complete the on-line application and upload required documents to the on-line application.

 Q: Are students who attend a vocational/technical school eligible for the Higher Education Scholarship? 

A: No. Students seeking a license, training certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree are not eligible. Students may contact the Cherokee Nation Career Services office for more information at 918-453-5555.


Q: Do I have to perform Volunteer Hours?

A: If you receive a Cherokee Nation scholarship you are required to perform volunteer hours based on the amount of funding you receive. For example: If you receive $2,000 you are required to volunteer 20 hours, or one hour for each $100 received. If a student decides not to volunteer the hours or does not complete the hours before the deadline, future funding may be jeopardized


Q: Where can I perform my community service?

A: Community Service can be done with any non-profit organization or at a Cherokee Nation sponsored event regardless of location.  Must be humanitarian/community based efforts.

Q: What is the Student Aid Report?

A: The Student Aid Report (SAR) is the processed information from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


Q: My grades will not be available until after the deadline, what can I do? 

A: If your grades will not be available until after the deadline, submit a letter from your College/University stating when grades will be posted.

Q: I dropped a class this semester; how does that affect my scholarship?

A: Awards are based off of the previous semester’s earned hours:

Hours earned Fall =5 or less: $0 (You may reapply for the next Fall semester)

Hours earned Fall =6-11hrs: $1000 Spring Award

Hours earned Fall =12 or more: $2000 Spring Award

Hours earned Spring =5 or less: $0 for the following academic school year

Hours earned Spring =6-11hrs: $1000 Fall Award

Hours earned Spring =12 or more: $2000 Fall Award