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Career Technology
Career Technology

The Native American Career Technology Education Program (NACTEP) provides in-house vocational training opportunities in Business Technology and Child Care Occupations. Individuals who complete training in any of these fields increase their marketability and employability, not just within the Cherokee Nation, but within the private sector as well.

Both areas train for nationally recognized certifications. The program is provided at no cost to participants. NACTEP pays all associated costs, including books, supplies, testing fees and uniforms where required.

Once determined eligible for entrance into the program, the participant may also qualify to receive an hourly stipend while attending. This cost of living stipend makes it possible for the participant to commit to this full-time, 40-hour a week program.

In addition to the specific training components, participants may require basic skills instruction or GED preparation, both of which will be provided by Career Services' Career Literacy Center . All participants are also registered with the Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS), entered into the Career Services Job Bank and complete the WorkKeys certification process.

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