Fire Dancers

Cherokee Nation Fire Dancers
Cherokee Nation Fire Dancers

Since 1988 the Cherokee Nation Fire Dancers / OK NA Forest Firefighter organization has provided a valuable service in the suppression of wildfires across the country. In 15 years of firefighting, Cherokee Firedancers have earned an outstanding reputation and the respect of wildland management agencies throughout the United States.

The Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) of the Cherokee Nation accepts applications for the Cherokee Nation Firefighter Program. The application is also available in the TERO office from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday. It is important that the application be obtained and filled out early to insure that the requried physical will be completed before the beginning of the next year. This is not regular full-time employment but strictly an on-call basis throughout the fire season each year.

Eligibility Requirements
CDIB (Federally recognized tribes)
Age 18+

Additional Requirements
The requirements for becoming a firedancer are:

1. Must fill out a firefighter application and include supporting documentation (i.e., photocopy of drivers license or state issued I.D., CDIB, and social security card).
2. Must be able to pass a physical administered by a certified physician.
3. Physician must fill out a Certificate of Medical Examination.
4. Must fill out a Health Summary
5. Must be able to pass the pack test.
6. Must attend and pass the basic firefighting courses

The pack test is a 45-minute, three-mile hike carrying 45lbs on your back. For returning firedancers the refresher course is a one-day training period, and for new firedancers the basic training is for four days. All these requirements have to be completed before you are eligible to be sent on a fire.

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