Career Literacy and Adult Education

Adult Education
Adult Education

The Cherokee Nation Education Department started in 1971 with a single Adult Education program which was center-based. Also, in the first year of operation a proposal was written under Title IV which allowed for expansion of the Adult Education program, making it a community-based Adult Education project.

The program emphasizes a flexible entry and open instructional design program allowing students to enroll and begin instruction at anytime. Students study at their own pace and receive individualized and whole group instruction.

Adult Education offers a wide range of services to students entering the program. Current offerings include educational instruction in:
- Basic Skills, including reading, math and writing

- Preparation for High School Equivalency Testing (GED and HISET) 
- Key Train

The Adult Education Program is community-based offering classes where the need exists in the Cherokee Nation jurisdictional service area. High School Equivalency (GED and HISET) classes are offered during the morning, afternoon and evening throughout our 14 counties.

Support Services to program participants include:
- Scheduled High School Equivalency Testing (GED and HISET)
- Tutorial
- Diagnostic and Placement
- Referrals
- Assistance with GED and HISET fees
- Information on programs & other services within the Cherokee Nation

Literacy Centers are located in several areas including:

Eligibility Requirements
CDIB (Federally recognized tribes)
Within 14 county Jurisdictional area
Age 16+

General Contact