About Career Services

The mission of the Career Services Group is to develop and encourage individuals to achieve and maintain work habits and skills that promote employability and self-sufficiency through programs that encompass education, training, rehabilitation and supportive services.

Vocational and Educational Programs

Career Services provides a multitude of programs to assist individuals with their educational and vocational training needs. In addition to programs for the general public, there are programs specific to housing residents, individuals with disabilities, and youth. We offer several in-house training programs as well as assistance to those who are enrolled in vocational training or Associate of Applied Arts or Applied Science degree programs.

- Career Tech Grant
- Career Literacy and Adult Education
- Native American Career Technology
- Classroom Training and Adult Vocational Training
- Vocational Rehabilitation
- Talking Leaves Job Corps
- Building Trades

Employment Programs

The goal of Career Services is jobs. We provide several employment services that assist individuals in attaining and retaining unsubsidized employment that leads to self-sufficiency. We have programs that can assist you in acquiring work experience, receive job specific training on the job, and provide you with assistance in you job search.

- On-the-Job Training
- Day Training
- Direct Employment
- Work Experience
- Cherokee Nation Fire Dancers

Youth Programs

Career Services has educational, vocational, leadership and employment programs for youth aged 16-24, both summer specific and year round.

- Youth Leadership Intern Program
- Summer Youth Program

Re-Entry Program 
The Reintegration (Re-Entry) program serves Cherokee Nation citizens who have been recently released from incarceration within the previous three months and assists them with employment and vocational services. Participants of this program must not have a hold, warrant or pending charge.

Career Skills Education Classes
The Life Skills curriculum is designed to assist participants in creating key components that will increase their employability. The interactive format of the class allows students to increase their professional interaction.

Assessments and Certifications 

Career Services can assist you in assessing your skills and interests, leading to good career choices. We utilize the TABE test for literacy and math skills, the Oklahoma Career Information System for career exploration and WorkKeys for the career readiness certificate. We provide High School Equivalency Testing (GED and HISET tests) as well as other computer-based testing including but not limited to the following tests: Microsoft Office Specialist, CompTia, Cisco and Evaluation Systems (State Teacher Certification).

Programs for Businesses and Employers

Career Services works with businesses and employers to ensure their workforce needs are met. From certification as an Indian owned and operated business to assist with hiring and training new workers. Career Services has programs that can assist your business.

- Employee Development
- Job Fairs
- Job Bank

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