About Career Services

The mission of the Career Services Group is to develop and encourage individuals to achieve and maintain work habits and skills that promote employability and self-sufficiency through programs encompassing education, training, rehabilitation and supportive services.

Assessment and Certifications

Career Services can assist you in assessing your skills and interests, leading to good career choices. We utilize the TABE test for literacy and math skills, the Oklahoma Career Information System for career exploration, WorkKeys for the career readiness certificate, and we provide GED testing.

Building Trades

This Building Trades program provides training in basic building trades. Participants learn such occupations as carpentry, masonry, and electrical work. The program also instructs students on effectively competing for employment. The program works in conjunction with the Home Improvement Program in the Community Services Department.

Business and Employers Resources

Career Services works with businesses and employers to ensure their workforce needs are met. From certification as an Indian owned and operated business to assistance in training new workers, Career Services has programs that can assist your business.

Career Literacy and Adult Education

The program emphasizes a flexible entry/open instructional design program that allows students to enroll and begin instruction at anytime. Students study at their own pace and receive individualized and whole group instruction

Career Skills Education Classes

The Career Skills curriculum is designed to assist participants in creating key components that will increase their employability. The interactive format of the class allows students to increase their professional interactions

Career Tech Grant

Career Tech Grant is for students needing assistance to pay tuition. These grants may be used for a variety of occupational or technical trades and Associate of Applied Arts, or Applied Science degrees.

Classroom and Adult Vocational Training

These programs provide supportive services and/or assistance to pay for tuition fees, and books for students who are attending vocational training or two year colleges.

Day Training Program

the Day Training Program allows unemployed Cherokee Nation citizens the opportunity to receive work-specific training on a daily basis for immediate financial payment.

Direct Employment

The Direct Employment Program provides financial assistance for persons who have located employment at least 50 miles from their residence and who need assistance to access that employment. This assistance may be in purchasing tools, moving expenses, transportation expense or living expenses until the first paycheck is received.

Fire Dancers

Since 1988 the Cherokee Nation Firedancers/OK NA Forest Firefighter organization has provided a valuable service in the suppression of wildfires nation-wide. In 15 years of firefighting, Cherokee Firedancers have earned an outstanding reputation and the respect of all wildland management agencies throughout the United States.

Native American Career Technology

The Native American Career Technology Education Program provides in-house vocational training opportunities in Business Technology and Child Care Occupations. Individuals who complete training in any of these fields increase their marketability and employability within both the Cherokee Nation and the private sector.

Office Locations

Cherokee Nation Career Services has office locations throughout the 14-county jurisdiction to easily serve Cherokee citizens. Check here if you are looking for a location nearest you.

Reintegration Program

The Reintegration (Re-Entry) Program serves Cherokee Nation citizens that have recently been released from incarceration within the past three months and assists them with employment and vocational services. Participants of this program must not have a hold, warrant or pending charge.

Surge Tech Program

Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital Surgical Technology Program provides training and skills necessary to become a surgical technologist.

Talking Leaves Job Corps

Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. It helps young people ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training.


TERO monitors and enforces the Cherokee Nation Tribal TERO Ordinance to ensure employment rights are protected. Enforcement of employment rights is funded through the * Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (E.E.O.C.). The TERO will investigate and mediate employment discrimination complaints in selected cases. * EEOC - Investigation of allegations of discrimination involving unfair employment procedures/practices prohibited by Title VII, ADA , ADEA, & EPA.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Cherokee Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Program began in 1992 and is the first continuous tribal vocational rehabilitation program in the state of Oklahoma.

Work Experience

Work Experience is a temporary or part-time assignment. This program encourages individuals to develop good work habits and basic work skills, which will promote employability.