Delegates to the Constitution Convention

The 1999 Constitution Convention is set for February 26, 27 & 28, 1999 (or until work is completed). The Commission established a delegate selection process using the following formula. The three branches of government selected eight (8) each, for a total of twenty-four (24). The Commission appointed twenty-four (24) from the list of those who provided oral and/or written testimony at a public hearing or presented written comments through the mail or at a public hearing. The final twenty-four (24) were drawn at random from the balance of those who provided oral and/or written testimony together with those who sent in the at-large delegate form.
The Commissions will also be delegates. This makes a total of 79 delegates to the convention.
The appointed delegates by the three branches of government are as follows:
JUDICIAL BRANCH: Philip Viles; Ralph Keen, Sr; David Cornsilk; Dick Lay; Chad Smith; Dianne Hammons; Juanita Chilson; and, Todd Hembree.
LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: Donn Baker; Charles Hoskins, Jr.; Susan Plumb; Rex Earl Starr; Don Crittenden; Troy Poteete; Barbara Scott; and, David Mullins.
EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Tina Jordan; Laura Adair; Butler Welch; Charles Michael Hathaway; Dwayne Littlejohn; Darrell Dowty; Michael Rutledge; and Carl Downing.
In making appointments the Commission surveyed the list of those who submitted oral testimony at public hearings or who had submitted written comments. We made every effort to ensure that delegates selected represent each of the nine districts within the jurisdictional boundaries and each location outside the boundaries at which a public hearing was held. 
Delegates appointed by the Constitution Convention Commission are: Mary Sue Burnett; Mary Meredith; James Crouch; Marion Hagerstrand; Brice Downing; Harold "Jiggs" Phillips; Jack Baker; Mark Raper; Woodrow Wilson; Billie Masters; Dawn Westerman; Julia Foster; Martha Berry; Terry Whitfield; Colleen Colson; Dorothy McIntosh; Jerry Gunter; Owen Scott; John Keen; Charles Hoskins, Sr.; George Wheeler; Molly Silversmith; Ken McCreary, Sr.; and, Steve Moore.
Delegates selected in the random drawing are: Melvin Johnson; Calvin McDaniel; Bill John Baker; Robert Johnson; Mary Birmingham; Cynthia Linnenkohl; Deloris Doyle; Joseph Herod; Jewel Rider; Robert Spencer; Rufus Silversmith; Dewey Alberty; Bill Davis; Edna Havens; Erick McCoy; Verna Crawford; Watt Bear; Nancy Twining; Gary Stopp; Hoover Crittenden; Joni Pitts; Jack Sanders; Virginia Stroud; and, Johnathan Hook.
A list of alternate delegates was drawn at random to serve in the event any of the other delegates were unable or unwilling to serve. They will be called in the order in which they were drawn. The alternate Delegates are: Douglas Melton; Franklin McLemore; Paul Center; Earl Davis; Wade McAlister; William Clark; Brandy Miller; Dr. Rick Robinson; Deborah Scott; Wilma Mankiller; Debra Smoke; Reneta Acorn; Robert Wood; Dennis Davis; Mary Southern Kice; Beatrice Terrell; Roger Peacock; and James Melton.
We look forward to the convention in February and will keep this page updated as we go through the process.