Chief of Staff Chuck Hoskin receives award for dedicated service


Cherokee Nation Chief of Staff and former State Rep. Chuck Hoskin received the Northeast Oklahoma Central Labor Council’s 2019 Eagle Award.

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Cherokee Nation Chief of Staff and former State Rep. Chuck Hoskin received the Eagle Award from the Northeast Oklahoma Central Labor Council on Saturday.
Hoskin was one of three honored at the awards banquet. He received the distinguished Eagle Award for his dedicated service and support of labor unions in the state legislature as well as in his work in tribal government, helping the Cherokee Nation expand its work and career readiness programs.
During Hoskin’s award acceptance speech, he spoke on the need for leaders to unite in order to push the state forward in hopes of strengthening the middle class and the state.
“Progressive leaders, union leaders, community leaders, church leaders and others need to band together so that we can lead a resurgence in this state of the bargaining power of working people and of policies to strengthen the middle class,” Hoskin said. “Labor can help organize us, can help lead the charge and can change the course of this state. We can help rebuild the middle class, right here in Oklahoma.”
Hoskin, who is also a former welder and lifetime member of the Iron Workers Local 584 Union, has spent more than 20 years serving the state of Oklahoma and Cherokee Nation. His service includes being on the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council from 1995-2007. As a tribal councilor, he chaired the Education Committee and served as deputy speaker. Hoskin also has served as Principal Chief Bill John Baker’s chief of staff since 2011, where he oversees many programs and services, including education and health.
At the close of his time on the Tribal Council, Hoskin was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2006. He served in the state legislature for 12 years. During his time at the Capitol, Hoskin was an advocate for tribal sovereignty and championed many tribal issues, including the passage of the Native American Arts bill that was signed into law in 2016. For his work in the state legislature, he was honored in 2013 with the Rep. Opio Toure Statesmen Award and in 2014 as a Friend of Justice by the Oklahoma Bar Association.
“This honor is a testament to the lifelong personal commitment my good friend Chuck has made to improving northeast Oklahoma. I have served in office with him and worked side by side with him on issues important to working men and women,” Baker said. “He is a military veteran, a public school administrator, union member, tribal councilor and state representative. In every role, he has advocated for fairness, honesty and accountability. These are the values that make strong Cherokee families and communities.” 
Hoskin resides in Vinita with his wife, Stephanie. He has three children, Amy, Charles Jr. and Ameilia, and three grandchildren.
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