Cherokee National Prison (Part5)

Management of the prison; Application of governing laws; Contracts for supplies and work in and for the prison and settle all bills 

As warden, furnish to prisoners wholesome fare and see that provisions are well and sufficiently cooked and properly served
Purchase all supplies of bedding, clothing, fuel and other necessary articles by the quantity and at lowest market rates
Charge and custody of the prison with the lands, buildings, furniture, tools, implements, stock and provisions, and every species of property thereto pertaining or within the precincts of
Superintend the police of the prison
Discipline the convicts
Receive and disburse such sums of money as shall be granted by the council for support of prison
Annual detailed report that contains a dull and accurate statement of all concerns of the prison for the fiscal year
List the convicts received, discharged, pardoned and who died during the year
Secure some minister of the Gospel to hold divine service in the prison and instruct prisoners in their moral and religious duties and visit the sick among them
Serve all processes within the precincts of the prison
See that all judgments passed are strictly but not cruelly enforced
Govern and employ prisoners in the manner prescribed by law
Rules and regulations of the prison and conformity to respective sentences
Manage and oversee all officers and other persons employed in and about the prison
See to the quality and quantity of clothing and bedding of convicts
Consult the health and comfort of the convicts, and the interests of the Nation
Maintain order, enforce obedience, suppress insurrection and riots, effectually prevent escapes and command aid required or necessary
As warden and treasurer, renew bond whenever deemed necessary by the Chief and obligate for such sum as may be required by the Chief
Require all subordinates to refrain from the use of boisterous, harsh and unbecoming language to the prisoners and to each other while in and about the prison
Confer with the Chief for the Chief's suggestions in regard to management
Provide discharged convicts with a decent suit of clothes not to exceed $5
Preserve all money and effects in the possession of convicts and restore them to such convicts when discharged or pardoned
Order unruly or disobedient convicts kept in solitary confinement and fed on bread and water only for no more than 30 days
Provide for each prisoner a copy of the Holy Scriptures and any minister of the Gospel disposed to aid in reforming and instructing prisoners in the moral and religious duties
Employ convicts sentenced to hard labor as constantly as may be of benefit to the Nation
Ensure no communication be allowed between prisoners and any person without the prison
Securely confine prisoners at night in different cells or apartments and if practical, in the day restrict or entirely prevent all communication between the
Make annual inventory of all property belonging to prison
Keep suitable books, regular and complete accounts on all expenses, income, business and concerns of the prison
Register all prisoners received, discharged, pardoned or died and such other manners that may be necessary in statistics of the kind
Permit authorized persons to examine the books
Admit visitors
Enter upon his register a minute and correct description of every prisoner received into the prison
Adopt a means of best recapture of escaped prisoners
Do not allow prisoners tea, coffee, tobacco or other articles of luxury or indulgence except, however, that the board may approve use of sugar and coffee by convicts actively employed at productive labor
Execute prisoners when death penalty is sentenced
As custodian of public property, at the seat of government keep the Capitol Building and public grounds and commons adjoining all movable property belonging to the Nation that is not in the charge of other officers
Keep the capitol, the furniture, and other property therein, the public grounds and commons in a proper state of cleanliness and repair and responsible for the safe keeping and preservation of the same
Make improvement and repairs
Responsible for keys and fastenings of the exterior doors of the capitol and all rooms not occupied
Unlock and open the exterior doors of the capitol during council sessions and the sitting of the supreme court daily
Keep the capitol rooms clean and properly ventilated during sessions and supreme court sittings, well warmed and supplied with pure water, cause to be prosecuted every person found guilty or accused of stealing, taking, willfully destroying or defacing or in any manner trespassing upon any public property lawfully in his custody
Wait upon, open and adjourn sessions of the supreme court and execute its mandates
Wait upon and execute all council orders
Provide all fuel, water, and fires for the supreme court room, offices of the executive, treasurer and auditor of accounts
Assign an employee to constantly be in attendance during sessions of the senate and council to keep the rooms in proper condition and discharging any other duties of the high sheriff as custodian of the public property
See that rooms of the capitol are put back in good condition
All shutters securely fastened
And believe it or not, the list continues. . . . . .

Info provided by the Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center