Cherokee National Female Seminary Notes

First Year:Composition, three lessons per week. Classics, two lessons per week. Longfellow - Courtship of Miles Standish, Hawthorne - Great Stone Face, Mosses from on Old Manse, Tennyson - Enoch Arden. Shorter classes, outside reading, oral reports.

Second Year:Composition, one recitation per week. Classics, three recitations per week. Lowell - Vision of Sir Laufal, Eliot - Silas Marner, Coleridge - Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, Addison - Sir Roger de Coverley Papers. Outside reading, oral and written reports.

Third Year: Composition, one recitation per week. Classics, four recitations per week. Scott - Ivanhoe, Shakespeare - Julious Ceasar, As You Like It, Tennyson - The Princess.

Fourth Year: Study most important forms of poetry, most important forms of prose. Second semester: Classics - English Literature. Chaucer - Prologue, Spencer - Fairy Queen, Bacon - Essays, Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice, Milton - L'Allegro Il Penseroso, Tennyson - Some of the Idyls of the King. Shorter Classics - Cotter's Saturday Night; Deserted Village, etc. Outside reading, written reports.