Cherokee National Female Seminary Notes

In training our students for the active duties of life mentally and physically we do not forget the spiritual side of their natures. The students are required to attend the church of their choice each Sunday morning.

The Young Woman's Christian Association was organized in 1896 by Missess Callie Eaton and Bluie Adair, then assistant teachers, with the following officers:

Gertrude Rogers, President
Annie M. Ballard, Vice President
Mattie Eaton, Secretary
Janie M. Lamar, Corresponding Secretary
Nellie Duncan, Treasurer
Through the influence of this organization many noble God-fearing young women have gone out from the seminary and are spreading lasting Christian influence all over our Nation.

The association has as its present enrollment twenty active members and twenty-five associate members who are earnest faithful workers and whose sole object is the development of Christian character in the school.

Daily morning prayer service and a weekly Sunday afternoon devotional meeting are conducted by the members.

The association was visited last year by Miss Jessie Adams, then State Secretary of the Y.W.C.A. of Kansas, and this year by Miss Amy Gordon Bruce, present State Secretary of the State of Kansas. The officers for the present are:

Ethel Scales, President
Clyde Horn, Vice President
Mayme Butler, Secretary
Cynthia Downing, Treasurer
Miss Ballard, Advisory Officer
Edith Stover, Pianist