Henry Starr

Henry Starr, horse thief, train robber, and killer, and the last in a long line of Starr family criminals. Twice sentenced by Judge Isaac Parker to hang for murder, he got off on technicalities and got up a gang that robbed banks, trains, stagecoaches, stores, and individuals in northwest Arkansas around the turn of the century. Imprisoned in 1915, he wrote his memoirs and also portrayed himself in a silent movie; was shot and killed while trying to rob a bank in Harrison in 1921.

[Info provided by the Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center, excerpts taken from the Indian Pioneer Papers. Please contact for any questions. The Indian Pioneer Papers are the product of a project developed in 1936. The Oklahoma Historical Society teamed with the history department at the University of Oklahoma to get a Works Progress Administration (WPA) writers' project grant for an interview program. The program was headquartered in Muskogee and was led by Grant Foreman. The writers conducted more than 11,000 interviews and after editing and typing the work, the results were over 45,000 pages long.]

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