Barbecued Fish

From the historic Indian-Pioneer Papers.

Bean Bread

Here's a modern recipe for a very old Cherokee food.


Cooking is an important part of life for the Cherokee woman. Not only is it necessary for nourishment, for life; it is part of the social fabric of the Cheokee people.

Fried Hominy

Hominy was a staple food for many years and is enjoyed today in specialty recipes such as this one.

Fry Bread

Although not uniquely Cherokee, fry bread is a staple with most Indians. Different tribes make the bread in different ways; this recipe is for a version common in most Cherokee communities.

How Salt Was Made

From the Indian-Pioneer Papers, a look at how salt use to be made by the Cherokee

How the Elders Cooked

From the Indian-Pioneer Papers, a look at cooking in the earlier days of Cherokee Nation.


Kanuchi is considered to be a delicacy among the Cherokee. Hickory nuts are gathered in the fall and allowed to dry for a few weeks before the kanuchi making begins.

More About Cherokee Cooking

More great information from the Indian-Pioneer Papers.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Traditional dishes found at a Cherokee Thanksgiving Dinner