Buckbrush and Honeysuckle


Gathering time is best at late fall & early spring.
Vines are gathered from the ground, not from the top of the bush of the honeysuckle. Buckbrush is found below the earth.

If the vine is crooked it will not straighten out but can still be used and adds character to the basket.

The skin of the vine can be pulled off by hand after boiling in water on low for 2-4 hours.

To strip the skin from the vines, hold an old piece of cloth in your hand and pull the vines individually through your hand. Gloves work well too.

Modern weavers use a teaspoon of detergent (such as Joy) in the water to make the vines shiny. Traditionally, the natural oils in the skin of the hands and the steady working of the vines will produce a shine to them.

Traditional basket weavers slow boil vines for 2-4 hours in water and add stove ashes for the bleaching process.
Info Provided by Ina Romero - Basket Weaver